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about us

Rose to the Occasion was inspired by passionate, dedicated, organized, and motivated women of color who strive to rise to the occasion at every moment.
Meet the Core Team that will make your occasion rise to success! 

Rosie Dauz

Chief Dreaming Officer/Wedding + Event Consultant

Rosie has always had a deep passion for organizing and planning, and she believes that every special event deserves to rise to the occasion. With this philosophy in mind, she founded Rose to the Occasion in 2021... with the intent to dream big! ​She has been organizing and planning events since she was in high school. With 15 years of experience, Rosie has coordinated multiple weddings, milestone parties, and several special occasions and fundraisers. She has seen every possible crisis and tackled them head on to the best of her ability. ​Her obsession with rom coms and corny romantic gestures, and can-do positive attitude will make you want to plan your wedding over and over again.​She will work day and night to guarantee that your event will be what you dream about and ensure it ROSE TO THE OCCASION.


meet the dream team

passionate dedicated determined

These are hand selected individuals that will be part of your wedding or event day! Each person has great strengths that they will be sure to utilize to make your event seamless as possible.

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